Miroslav Tichý

Miroslav Tichý was born in 1926 in Netcice (today part of town Kyjov). When he was four his family moved to small house on Svatoborska Street where he still lives.
Tichý Tichý

His father was a tailor and his mother, originally from village Uhrice, worked as secretary for solicitor. Tichy often recalls childhood which he was spending at his grandfather (his mother’s father) who was reeve of Uhrice.
After finishing the secondary grammar school in Kyjov he studied at Academy of Fine Arts in Prague under leadership of Jan Zelibsky. He received recognition within collective of his classmates for being very good draftsman, his immense talent and for his unique personal sense of humour. He left studies in 1948 and returned home.

Miroslav Tichý

In the beginning of his career Tichy mainly focused on his painting and drawing skills but in 60’s he switched to photography. He used his handmade cameras and other parts of photographic equipment not because of lack of finances but because making them was his hobby. He refurbished an old shed at the back garden of his house to photographic chamber. This is where most of his photographs were given a life.

Tichý - self-portrait Tichý - self-portrait from 1944 Tichý - self-portrait
(self-portrait from 1944)

Every day he was browsing streets of Kyjov making pictures mainly of women but also capturing momentums of situations and different corners of the town, which could be seen only by artists eye. He didn’t care about his image in these times, he wore only a jacket and didn’t cut his hair. He was differing himself from other people, some of them were scared of him while others took him as a folklore part of the town.
Most of the public thought he was just pretending taking pictures. And it was this distinctness which brought him to the conflict with nowadays authorities. He had to spend some time in mental hospital and was considered an enemy of the regime. But in a sense Tichy was just a rebel against order. This is why asked in 1989 ‘’Why don’t you change your image when times have changed?’’ he answered ‘’Times have changed but people didn’t’’.

Miroslav Tichý - October 2009
photo (October 2009)
Miroslav Tichý - September 2009 Miroslav Tichý
photo (September 2009)                                                                                 

His work attract wide interest sprouting around year 2000, and there is foundation established without his permission named Tichy Ocean in Lichtenstein , presenting his work abroad.
Miroslav Tichy has nothing in common with the foundation, he is not its member and doesn’t agree with its activities. Foundation doesn’t support him financially or any other way, no member of the foundation meets Tichy.
There is no doubt that people from foundation are behind promoting Miroslav Tichy’s work, but this does not mean that copyrights of author can be disrespected in any way.
Statement of Miroslav Tichy (PDF)

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Jiri with Tichý
Jiri (brother of neighbour) with Mr. Tichy (1978)

Miroslav Tichý Miroslav Tichý Miroslav Tichý
                              photo (July 1991)                                                                                                                                          photo (July 1991)

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